The benefit of lash extensions

When applied correctly by a certified lash technician, the lash extension should not touch the skin; the synthetic lash should be applied near the root of the client’s natural lash. The result? Lashes appear longer, thicker and darker right away. “The benefit of lash extensions is that you don’t need mascara; it’s one of those products that once you try them you’ll never want to go without them!”

With lash extensions, clients get the satisfaction of automatic results. Clients can walk into their appointment with short, stubby, dry lashes and walk out feeling more glamorous in a matter of an hour. If you have a summer vacation, wedding, or reunion coming-up, this may be the perfect route for you. Without having to put in the time, you will get the automatic results you want.

Another benefit to lash extensions is for those who may have suffered from lash-fallout. This may be due to health problems or simply a case of pulling too hard on your eyelash curler, but eyelash extensions can be a great temporary solution while giving your own lashes a chance to grow again.